Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Regency Love," a Brilliantly-Conceived Interactive Game, Motivates Players to Keep Coming Back

Jane Austen's birthday, December 16th, is the release date of "Regency Love," an interactive storytelling iPhone game set in the Regency era created by Samantha Lin, Jenny Tan, and Melody Wang of Tea for Three Studios

My twin sister, Jennifer Emily Fiore - a filmmaker/arts, entertainment, and media consultant - had the privilege of previewing the game before its release as a "test player."  Here is her review of the game:

"Regency Love"
By: Jennifer Emily Fiore
Filmmaker/Arts, Entertainment, and Media Consultant


"Regency Love" is a brilliantly-conceived and authentic re-imagining of the Regency era, the time in early 19th-century England when King George III was proclaimed unfit to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent.  The period was known for influential trends in British architecture, literature, fashion, politics, and culture.  But, more than this, it is an interactive game that pays homage to Jane Austen as the towering author of that period through engaging reflections of various aspects of her work, such as the famous discussion of what constitutes an "accomplished lady" (a tribute to her iconic novel, Pride and Prejudice).  The game's exquisite artistic details, true-to-life settings, and memorable dialogue keep the player intellectually engaged and delightfully entertained. 



The player can select which character identity they want to assume and how that character would respond in different situations.  The character's ability to interact with the other townspeople introduces the player to the town, as well as to the various plot lines and relationships.

The game also offers helpful instructions and clues. The player discovers what character traits are the most prominent in their personalities.  Adding to the fun are Trivia Questions about Regency Societal Conventions that, if answered correctly, earn points that unlock additional characters of the story.  The player can also earn other advantages, such as becoming more and more "accomplished."

"Regency Love" captures and holds the imagination. In true Jane Austen fashion, the game's excellent storytelling, beautiful artwork and settings, well-drawn characters, constant interaction, intriguing plot lines, skillful dialogue, and humor, contribute to its successful creation of a believable alternate reality that will motivate players to keep coming back. 

"Regency Love" Teaser Trailer: 

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